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At Satyug Darshan we focus on developing overall Managerial skills of the students by conducting various activities like Presentations, Group discussions, Debates, Role plays, Picto etc.
Group discussion is a popular mode of discussion where a topic is given to the students and 6 to 7 students participate at one time and they present their views on the topic. It helps in the confidence building of the students and enhance knowledge level.
Debate is another way and in Satyug we focus on British Parliamentary Debate which enable the student to speak in Protocal.
Similarly Role plays are conducted to imbibe Negotiation skill and Decision making skillamong students. Different situations are given to students and with a role play students display the problem and solve them.

To serve corporate in a professional manner students need some specific Competencies. We at SDIET develop students through following activities:
  • PDP Programs
  • Industrial Training
  • Communication Classes
  • Interveiw Sills
  • CV Writing Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • GD Skills
  • Debate Skills