“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”

The course is an excellent blend of fundamentals of civil and construction engineering combined with practical skills that are essential to begin effective professional practice immediately upon graduation. It builds on the development of basic scientific and practical skills necessary for Civil Engineering design and construction, applied engineering unit in structural analysis and designs, material, Geo-technical engineering, construction engineering, transportation and professional practice.


Research Publications

Aspects and Trends of Information Technology in Civil Engineering - Mr. Sumit Rathee

Technological Advances in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and its Applications - Mr. Sumit Rathee

Necessity of Mass Transit System in Transportation - Mr. Sumit Rathee

Effect of Pozzolanic Material on the Strength of Concrete A Comprehensive Review Paper - Mr. Prince

Experimental study of ceramic waste powder and GGBS concrete of M25 grade - Mr. Prince


Past Events