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Computer Science

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.” — Bill Gates


Department of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) encourages all modern endeavours in academia, learning innovations, socially relevant research and problem solving. The department aims at being recognised universally as a promoter of computing technologies and their applications.


Research Publications

Solving N-Queen Problem Using Genetic Algorithm And Analyzing The Effect Of GA Parameters On Its Performance - Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Analysis of the Various Population Sizes in Genetic Algorithm for Solving N-Queen NP-Hard Problem - Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Analysis of GA Performance on Its Various Parameters for Solving Travelling Salesman NP-Hard Problem - Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Image Authentication Using Digital Watermarking: A Survey - Ms. Tanu Dua

MAHI as a Sketching Language - Ms. Meghna Luthra

Hand Sketching a necessary tool for learning computation and automata Theory - Ms. Meghna Luthra


Past Events