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Mechanical Engineering covers core concepts like Mechanics, Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Material Science and Manufacturing. These core concepts are used along with tools like Computer-aided Engineering and product life cycle management to design and analyse manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating/cooling systems and transport systems.


Research Publications

Interpolation Type Stress Recovery Technique Based Error Estimator for Elasticity Problems - Prof. M. N. Desmukh

Inverse Determination of Material Properties using Diminutive Specimen Technique - Prof. M. N. Desmukh

Small Specimen test Technique to Monitor the Performance of in-service Components: Experiment and Modelling - Prof. M. N. Desmukh

Improving oxidation stability of biodiesels from Karanja, Neem and Jatropha: Step forward in the direction of commercialization - Dr. Deepak Khurana

Stability of Al2O3/water Nanofluids: An Experimental Design Approach - Dr. Deepak Khurana

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Varying Temperature on the Thermal Conductivity of Low Particle Concentration Al2O3/water Nanofluids - Dr. Deepak Khurana

Effect of Temperature on Forced Convection Heat Transfer of Al2O3/water Nanofluids - Dr. Deepak Khurana

To Study Integration of the Internal Supply Chain Management: An Overview - Mr. Kailash

Enhancing Factors and Implementation Strategy Used to Develop Benchmarking Model of Internal Supply Chain Management for Analyzing Indian Manufacturing Industries - Mr. Kailash

An Experimental Analysis of Production of Biogas From Algae In a Floating Digester - Mr. Jaswant Singh


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